Travel Loot

These New Summer Reads Will Transport You Around the World

by Jeralyn Gerba

Photos (from top left) quiet cafe time, by John Shelby; a memoir by Graham Holliday; reading in the great outdoors, by Christopher Cotrell / Flickr; a novel by Rebecca Dinerstein.

On summer days in New York City, there are few things I love to see more than (1) grown men wearing suits eating ice cream cones and (2) zany locals on park benches, engrossed in their paperbacks. Maybe it is because both images symbolize a momentary pause from the hectic street scenes of Manhattan. Maybe it's just that ice cream eating and leisurely reading are favorite pastimes. I'm happy to see an uptick in both activities during the season and have compiled a summer reading list to help with the latter. I'll work on getting through all the NYC ice cream trucks next.

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