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Make a Break for It: Surf Waikiki with Kelia Moniz

by Kelia Moniz

Photo by Jim Russi/courtesy of Roxy.

If you prefer mahalos to Manolos, crack a coconut and settle into the sand in Waikiki, Honolulu's best beach and the site of the upcoming Waikiki Classic. Our friends at Roxy hooked us up with pro surfer Kelia Moniz, whose path around the island you can trace all the way back to her dad's surf school, Faith.

Kelia Moniz

Best place to stay: Sheraton Wakiki, in Honolulu.

Best surf break: Queen Surf Beach

Best beach: Anywhere in Waikiki.

Favorite place to recover: Spa Khakara at the Sheraton is beautiful.

Best breakfast: Bogart's Cafe (3045 Monsarrat Ave.; +1-808-739-0999).

Best lunch: Me Bar-B-Que (151 Uluniu Ave, Honolulu; +1-808-926-9717).

Best dinner: Duke's. Best spot to watch the sun set.

Best coffee: Island Vintage Coffee.

Best juice: Diamond Head Cove Health Bar

Kelia Moniz

Roxy rules the beach. Photo courtesy of Roxy.

Best shop for gear: Roxy @ Quiksilver on Lewers St. (270 Lewers St. #101; +1-808-921-2793). 

Kelia Moniz

Best shop for gifts: International Market place has every souvenir you need.

Where I bring all my friends who are here for the first time: Me Bar-B-Que. It's the best Korean food.

Best surprise: Flowers. Duh. ;) 

When I leave, I always take away: A smile! 

When I'm gone, what I miss most is: Being in a bikini.

I always go back for: My family, friends, yummy food, happy faces, and lots of laughter.


Kelia Moniz

Kelia Moniz

Kelia Moniz

Kelia Moniz

All life-in-the-office photos by Jim Russi/courtesy of Roxy.


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Top photo of Kelia by Scott Soens/courtesy of Roxy. Champions photo courtesy of Roxy.

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