Travel Loot

Fall Accessories to Get You Through the New Normal

by Madeline Weinfield

What a time to be alive! What a time to take a socially distanced road trip, explore your city without the tourists, or simply stay home. We’re Zoom-fatigued, weighed down with cabin fever, and bleary eyed from spending more time than we would like to admit mindlessly scrolling our personal devices.

Beat the Computer Screen Glaze

Genusee Blue Light Filtering Glasses ($149)

Seeing as how things are going, it looks like there will only be more Zooming (and FaceTiming, Google Chatting, and TikToking) in all of our futures. Have you bought your blue-light filtering glasses yet? Designed to soften the harsh light of electronic screens that can bring on headaches and end-of-the-day eye-strain, Genusee, a progressive brand out of Flint, Michigan, ethically crafts their frames (which also include prescription, reading, and sunglasses) from recycled plastic from the millions of single-use water bottles that besieged the city in the aftermath of its water crisis. Bringing back manufacturing to the Midwest, recycling at a large scale, and solving problems. How genius is that?

Draw a Line Between Work and Play

Bellroy Work Folio ($299) and The Sling ($99)

Without the routine of going into an office every single day, the hours between work and play are blending together. Bellroy, an Australian company firmly rooted in creating products for optimizing travel and packing, has created a line of work accessories that match the new stay-at-home norm. The large leather Work Folio is outfitted with a laptop sleeve, a long notepad, and plenty of compartments for pens and chargers. Think of this as a zip-up and put-away traveling desk. When the day is done, Bellroy’s Sling, a hip take on the retro fanny pack, holds everything you need for a hands-free stroll through the neighborhood.

Take a Midday Sanity Walk

Rothy Flip Flop ($65) and Reversible Tote ($165)

Walking has taken on a deeper meaning this year — we use it to break up the monotony of a day at home, collect our thoughts, pass the time, socialize in some way. Right now, we're strolling in Rothy’s sandals made from washable fabric made from recycled water bottles. Rothy’s shoes are incredibly comfortable (their Flat became the shoe seen ‘round the world) and their collection of sandals follows suit. The streamlined flip flop can be easily washed in the sink or a washing machine (who doesn’t want everything to be extremely clean right now?). The Reversible Tote, made from 100-percent recycled materials, is a sizable catchall for all your new sanitizing needs.

Zoom from Bed

Rec Room Slip Dress ($128)

It’s hard to feel motivated to wear real clothes these days when, for many of us, our living rooms and bedrooms have become our offices. While blazers and jeans take a back seat in closets for the foreseeable future, we’re turning to pieces that are comfy while also stylish. Rec Room, a brand founded by female friends, designs leisurewear with the same core fabric components found in athleticwear (four-way stretch, wrinkle resistance, and antimicrobial properties). The Slip Dress is a good transitional piece from warm to cool weather, as it looks cool layered with a sweater or jacket, boots or sneakers.

RicherPoorer Femme Boxer ($26)

Whether you wear RicherPoorer's Femme Boxers as pants or underwear is entirely up to you. Sleep in them, lounge around the house in them, and label them your new Friday casual.

Protect Yourself From UV Rays

Mott50 Josie Boyfriend Button Down ($128) and Abigail High-Waisted Wide Leg Pant ($88)

While we're eking out as much outside time as we can, we have to be mindful of those harsh sun rays (even on overcast days). Mott50 makes swimwear, loungewear, and everyday attire from sun-protective fabrics that are far more fashion-forward than the rash guards you might associate with surfers and babies. We’re living in the comfortably oversized Josie Boyfriend Button Down and Abigail High-Waisted Wide Leg Pant, which could double as a nine-to-five outfit in a post-Corona world.

Exercise Outside

ADAY’s Layered Up Legging ($135), Époque Évolution’s The One Crop Top ($68), and Wayre’s Flow Shorts ($69)

ADAY's commitment to sustainability continually brings us back to browsing clean pieces that are easy to throw on or throw into a suitcase (we'll get there!). Layered Up Legging offer serious hold and a no-slip waistband without being constricting or sweat-inducing (even though they’re thermal and intended for cooler temps). A concealed pocket holds a cell phone, credit card, and keys on long runs.

Époque Évolution — known for its capsule travel uniform — has a crop top with built in SPF 50 that works overtime as a bra, a swim top, or layering piece. It’s made from Econyl, a 100-percent regenerated fiber that’s so soft you may want to sleep in it.

Wayre has a select collection of thoughtfully made matchy-matchy pieces and Flow Shorts woven from silk-like fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles). The shorts fight spills, wrinkles, and UV rays. With a high waist and front pleats, they even have a passport-sized pocket.

Have an Adventure

Gig Pip’s Felt Hats ($65 and up)

While the traveler hat is hanging on the peg for now, you can fall forward with a felt creation by Gigi Pip, a headwear brand that celebrates the many hats — both metaphorical and material — modern women wear. The bold, Australian felt statement pieces make you want to open a map, spin a globe, and plan an adventure. This is the kind of hat in which you'll tip your brim to new beginnings.

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