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Things Fathom Editors Want Right Now - Vol. 24

by Team Fathom
Fair Fair Trade Bangladesh Recycled Sari Ribbon. Photo courtesy of Everyday Needs.

Recycled Sari Ribbon

I have my eye on these beautiful reels of ribbon. Made from colorful recycled cotton saris from Bangladesh, each roll has it's own unique colorway and pattern. ($8.50) – Berit, senior editor

Ippolita Ferrari Snake Hoops

Porcelain Snake Hoops

Maybe it's because I'm hot on Egypt right now (the snake was a divine authority in ancient times). Or maybe it's because I am knocked-up (the animal represents fertility and the life force), but I can't stop thinking about Ippolita Ferrari's hand-painted serpent earrings. In blue, black, and pink (or a custom color) with gold leaf stripes on a gold-filled hoop, they're at the top of my wish list. ($85)– Jeralyn, editorial director

Apéritif, by Rebekah Peppler

A food stylist and writer friend of mine splits her time between Brooklyn and Paris, where she's learned the intricacies of French cocktail hour firsthand. She has distilled her know-how into  a new book of beautifully photographed cocktails and recipes that evoke la vie en rose. ($12) — Larkin, contributing editor 

Aputure Amaran AL-F7 On-Camera LED Light

Sounds nerdy, but all I really want right now is this super portable fill light. It goes right atop my camera and is great for illuminating people, plates of food, and other small details in situations where you’d rather not have a flash going off — like in a restaurant, a situation I find myself in very often. ($98) – Daniel, editor

Sonnenglass Lanterns

While in South Africa last month, I came across these solar-powered LED lanterns at a friend's family home and then spotted them again later that week at Merci in Paris. A sign, some might say, that I need to invest in a set for al fresco dinners and evenings at the beach this summer. – Berit

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