Travel Loot

Things We’re Loving - Vol. 11

by Team Fathom

A series of plants you don't have to worry about watering. Photo courtesy of Paper Collective.

In an effort to uncover the best in travel, we spend a lot of time traversing the world — and the world wide web. Here are the goods we can't stop thinking and talking about this month.

The Palomar Cookbook: Modern Israeli Cuisine

Photo courtesy of The Palomar.

The Palomar Cookbook: Modern Israeli Cuisine

Coffee table books are funny. Sometimes I buy them for the content, sometimes I buy them for the cover. In this case, my reasoning has a little to do with both. I'm a sucker for all things blue, but I also want to learn to make beet carpaccio, herbed couscous, and other elevated Middle Eastern foods from the folks behind beloved London restaurant The Palomar. ($22) – Berit, editor

Floating Leaves by Norm Architects

Photo courtesy of Paper Collective.

Floating Leaves Print

I've given up on the whole succulent and air plant trend, having effectively killed everything green in my possession. Instead, my latest obsession is this gorgeous, transparent collection of botanic prints designed in collaboration with three Danish companies: Moebe, Paper Collective, and Norm Architects. Sunlight encouraged, zero watering necessary. (From €18) – Becky, contributing editor

Aesop Toothpaste

Photo courtesy of Aesop.

Aesop Toothpaste

Call me a tube snob, but I'd buy Aesop's new toothpaste just because it looks so cool. It has all the lovely fluoride-free essential oils (anise, spearmint, and clove) and is quite a step up from from Dad's crusty old Crest. ($17) – Kate, contributing editor

Heidi Wynne Bela Wrap

Photo courtesy of Heidi Wynne.

Heidi Wynne Cashmere Bela Wrap

Know what happens to me at the end of summer? I get really cold when I least expect it. (Thanks, rainy night. Enough already, Arctic AC.) Which explains why I keep reaching for this cashmere wrap. Made in Nepal and impossibly cozy, in a slate color that goes with everything, the scarf keeps me comfortable, even when I'm shivering on a 90-degree day. ($245) – Pavia, CEO

Block Shop Sidewinder Print

Photo courtesy of Block Shop.

Block Shop Sidewinder Framed Woodblock Print

This large woodblock print from LA-based Block Shop is way out of my budget, but that doesn't mean I can't dream about hanging one up in my apartment. The piece, handmade by a fifth-generation printer in Rajasthan, is inspired by tracks in the desert sand and conjures up a feeling of balance, at least when I look at it. (From $320) – Daniel, editorial assistant

Nannette de Gaspe Face Mask

Photo courtesy of Nannette de Gaspe.

Nannette de Gaspe Face Mask

I have to admit, when I first spotted the waterless face mask in Paris last summer I was skeptical, but also very interested. How could a dry-to-touch face mask hydrate your skin? The answer is a special woven fabric sourced from Japan (of course) that holds a unique blend of ingredients that you activate by massaging your face. It's expensive, but only requires fifteen minutes, can be used up to three times, and makes no mess — which makes it the ideal travel mask in my book. ($120) – Berit

Water Journal

Photo courtesy of Water Journal.

Water Journal Vol. 3

The paper-lover (and crabby old woman) in me is always happy to see newcomers thriving in the indie print magazine world. The bi-annual publication is an ode to H20, filled cover to cover with stories and stunning photography about anything from an isolated archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean to an underwater sculpture project. The latest volume takes readers to Peru's Sacred Valleys and contemplates the delicate seaweed. (£10) – Becky

Lodestars Anthology New Zealand

Photo courtesy of Lodestars Anthology. 

Lodestars Anthology Issue 8, New Zealand

Our friends at Lodestars Anthology recently released their latest print issue, filled with ocean, wilderness, adventure, design, food, art, and wine centering around New Zealand. There are enough photos, stories, and inspiration pieces to keep my travel bug at bay until I finally get to visit. – Daniel


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