Travel Loot

Things We’re Loving - Vol. 13

by Team Fathom
Cesarín One of the many beautiful prints available from Pixels for Puerto Rico print. Photo by Cesarín Mateo.

Sometimes we love a plate that reminds us of a summer trip. Sometimes, we love a candle that inspires a return trip. And sometimes we can't get enough of an immune-boosting bead that makes any journey a little smoother.


Gur Hand-Woven Rug

I'm loving this take on the classic cotton Portuguese house rug. GUR founder Célia Esteves works with artists and illustrators to create the made-to-order pieces in modern patterns using bright and unexpected color combinations. (€200) – Berit, senior editor


dōTerra OnGuard Beadlet: Protective Blend

When I was sick and preparing to catch a plane, my lovely mother sent a care package with the immune-boosting OnGuard beadlets. They dissolve in your mouth, with autumnal fragrances of wild orange, clove, and cinnamon that are especially refreshing amid stale airplane air. Yes, it's as true as ever: Mother knows best. ($20) – Alaina, intern

Wolfum Travel Backgammon

Wolfum Deco Travel Backgammon

This beautiful travel backgammon set is handmade in Los Angeles using fairly harvested Latvian Baltic birch. If I challenge you to a game, I will probably lose, but I'll ask for a double-or-nothing rematch anyway. ($130) – Pavia, CEO

D.S. & Durga Big Sur After the Rain Candle

D.S. & Durga Big Sur After Rain Candle

Still thinking about my spring trip to Big Sur, especially since the area is now back in business after several months of road closures caused by landslides. Until I return, I’ll be scenting my home with the fragrant rainwater and eucalyptus candle. ($65) – Berit

VDKA 6100 Vodka

VDKA 6100

New addition to my cold-weather bar cart: A New Zealand vodka so smooth, my friends who hate vodka enjoy drinking it. Why? The gluten-free spirit is fermented from seasonal North Island whey using rare imported Irish yeast, filtered with carbon, and blended with pure NZ spring water. This also makes it a great conversation starter, especially for those dying to visit Down Under. – Daniel, editor

Yvonne Koné Oversized Bum Bag.

Yvonne Koné: Oversized Bum Bag

Fanny packs just got cool with this restyled, crossbody bum bag. These are a new trend in Sweden, and anything Scandinavian is cool, right? I'd sling this over my shoulder for a stylish travel tote. I’m all about the purple suede, but black leather is the safer chic option. (DKK 2,960) –Alaina

Pixels for Puerto Rico Print

Pixels for Puerto Rico Print

Hurricane Maria may have passed, but Puerto Rico is still in need of dire help. Some of my favorite photographers are donating prints to Pixels for Puerto Rico, an organization that is putting 100 percent of proceeds towards providing aid to rural and disconnected communities affected by the storm. While you're on the website, check out the "Feet on the Ground" section, where photojournalists have been posting shots of the island during recovery. – Daniel

Baya Lumbar Pillow

Like a squirrel preparing for winter, I've been accumulating pillows and throw blankets in anticipation of cold weather and a drafty loft apartment. The Women of Oaxaca make these beautiful Zapotec woven sheep's wool cushions, which are dyed with native plant extracts in a three-day process. ($195) – Jeralyn, editorial director

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