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Where to Go Next? Start with 13 Trips of a Lifetime

by Team Fathom
Camels Desert camels. Photo by Fynn Schmidt.

Did you hear the news? Fathom wrote a book.

Travel Anywhere (and Avoid Being a Tourist) is 200 beautiful pages of our favorite travel recommendations, suggestions, anecdotes, and photos — plus our best tips for how to be a better traveler. It's basically the collective Fathom brain on paper.

We are really excited about the book — and we can't wait for you to read it. And tell us what you think on Facebook or Instagram or old-school email.

Here's a preview: Trips of a Lifetime. This excerpt is from chapter two, Spin the Globe, which tackles the first question of every trip: Where should I go? You could place your finger on the map randomly and go (we admire your faith!) or head someplace trendy (The Arctic, Slovenia, and Cuba) or timeless (The Amalfi Coast, African safaris, London and Paris). Then where? Here are more ideas. Don't think of these thirteen spots as a bucket list but rather a checklist of unforgettable destinations.

The B-side, in other words, once you’ve played the greatest hits.

A city of marble palaces on a lagoon. Photo by Rebe Adelaida/Unsplash.


Still floating, still beautiful.
The drill: You’re supposed to feel lost.


The colorful land of Indian royalty.
Fabric mill: Bring home textiles as souvenirs.


Retrace the steps of ancient traders.
Historic shill: Goods, ideas, and religion moved from Indonesia to China to Persia to Egypt to Italy on this route.


For dramatic peaks and ski breaks within an hour of major cities.
Stand still: The hills are alive. The lakes are to die for.

A walk to remember on the Punakha Suspension Bridge, Bhutan. Photo by Faris Mohammed/Unsplash.


The kingdom of happiness and Himalayas.
Goodwill: The global capital is the only one that doesn’t need a traffic light.


Where the myth of the American cowboy lives.
Find a grill: Dinner calls for a nice, juicy steak.


The perfect cliché of Italian country living.
Time to swill: Chianti. Bolgheri. Brunello. Vin Santo. Super Tuscan.


An architectural marvel to this day.
Fits the bill: But it can’t actually be seen from the moon.


The imposing peak that can actually be conquered.
Get your fill: Follow the climb with a trip to the beach.

Desert camels with Egypt pyramids.
Desert camels. Photo by Fynn Schmidt.


Of mummies both mysterious and magical.
Be still: Ponder those wonders on a sail down the Nile.


An icy wonderland of penguins and polar bears.
Added thrill: Approach the architecture of icebergs by ship.


Where mountains meet sea in dramatic style.
Rare chill: Absorb the ancient Viking vibes.


The once hidden village built by the clever Incas.
On the hill: Behold one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

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Edited excerpt taken from Travel Anywhere (and Avoid Being a Tourist), by Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati, founders of travel website Fathom, published by Hardie Grant Books, April 2019.

We make every effort to ensure the information in our articles is accurate at the time of publication. But the world moves fast, and even we double-check important details before hitting the road.