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Tiqets Has Your Ticket to Summer Fun

by Team Fathom
Photo by S.Borisov / Shutterstock / courtesy of Tiqets.

Produced in partnership with Tiqets.

Yay! The world is opening again. After more than a year pent up inside, everyone is anxious to get back out there. So much lost time to make up for. So many things on the to-do and must-see list. It’s time to get your spark back!

Boo: Traveling isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are new and changing restrictions and requirements. Especially when it comes to crowd control. Attractions and venues that once had an open, come-one-come-all policy are now limiting their numbers. This means that you might show up to the place you’re dying to visit and find out the hard way that you can’t get in. Who wants that?

But look on the bright side. Fewer visitors mean you won’t be fighting crowds at the parks, the museums, the amusement parks, the aquariums, and all the other attractions you want to hit. With more space to move around and more time to enjoy yourself, you’ll have a better experience. Everyone wants that.

Adjusting to the new reality will be easy when you add a new tool to your travel kit: Tiqets.

The innovative ticketing platform is the easy and effortless way to get access to all the things you want to do, see, and experience around the world.

Download the app to get tickets for thousands of cultural attractions — with “culture” defined as everything from the world’s best museums to the world’s fastest roller coasters. (You contain multitudes. They get it, and they’re as curious about the world as you are.)

 The Tiqets experience is smart, accessible, and efficient. You can do everything on the app and access 24/7 support in eleven languages, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and peace of mind. The prices are the best available — including unbeatable deals as well as early bird and off-peak discounts — sparing you from scouting for other deals. The selection is global, vast, and varied, giving you more ways to culture.

If you’re sticking close to home and exploring the United States this summer, make the most of their Summer of a Lifetime program, which has extra special offers until September 31 on cultural attractions in New York City, Nashville, Orlando and Tampa, and Los Angeles and San Diego. The new Fotografiska in New York City, Legoland in Florida and Southern California, National Museum of African American Music in Nashville — they’re all a quick click away.

Tiqets: Consider it your new way to find more ways to culture.

Plan Your Trip

Book all your tickets in one place using the discount code ‘SPARK2021’ for 15% off and check out these curated summer routes across the U.S.

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