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A Way to Go, Episode 18: Debating the Future of Travel After Coronavirus

by Team Fathom
An Is this how travel will look in the future? Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo / Unsplash.

A Way to Go, Episode 18 - Debating What Travel Will Be After Coronavirus, with Fathom's Founders

We're a few weeks into the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic, and things that were looking rough a week ago seem dismal and dire today. As we'e all sheltering in place and struggling to find a new normal, we can't help but wonder, are we ever going to travel again? We will, of course, but how? Just as 9/11 changed forever our experience at the airport, what impact with coronavirus have on the way we travel? In this episode, Fathom co-founders Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba look into their crystal ball to make predictions about what the future might hold.

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Links and Info We Mentioned on the Show

Travel During Coronavirus: Fathom's Resources, Relief, and Recommendations
- Pack the Popcorn! Travel Movies
- Party in the Living Room: Concerts to Stream
- Podcasts for Every Traveler

Resorts and Centers Dedicated to Wellness and Health:
SANGHA Retreat in Shanghai
SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain
- Split Apple Retreat in New Zealand
- Six Senses

Other Hotels and Travel Experiences We Mentioned
Dar Ahlam, Morocco
Lightning Field, New Mexico
The Upper House, Hong Kong

Get into Nature: Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah

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