Travel Loot

Pregnant and Traveling: 6 Lifesavers

by Jeralyn Gerba

Clockwise from left: Photo courtesy of Zoe Organics; courtesy of Olio e Osso; courtesy of Chay.

There comes a time in every pregnant woman's travel schedule when she must wind down, stay home, and nest. But until then (!), she should make as many travel arrangements as she can while that bun is still in the oven.

Traveling while pregnant has exposed me to a whole new set of experiences, cultural learnings, customs, and conversations. It has also given me the time and space to reflect on the future (not that I really have any idea what it will hold). 

In traveling, like pregnancy, there is anticipation, joy, excitement, and a little bit of discomfort. These small but mighty carry-on items have made all the difference in helping me tote around my extra baggage.

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