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How to Convert Everyday Expenses into a Great Vacation

by Team Fathom

Who wouldn't be psyched for a getaway earned with miles? Photo: Ian Schneider/Unsplash.

On the first anniversary of the Discover it® Miles Credit card, cardmembers are starting to get a nice bonus: The Miles they earned all year will be doubled. That quickly adds up to great travel perks. This post was created in collaboration with Discover it Miles.

Travel planning always involve some level of calculation — whether that means rationing vacation days or splurging for the extra legroom seat. And how about making sense of those credit card perks? With your Discover It Miles card, you can be doing math like this:


Discover It Miles for Travel 


And it's not just about groceries. It's your monthly utility and cell phone bills. Drinks with the gang. All those midnight online shopping binges. Everything you pay for as part of your regular spending routine will be converted into miles that get seriously compounded. Miles you can then redeem towards the getaway of your choice.

When it comes to getting where you want to go, it all adds up. And with your Discover it Miles card, you'll be going places in no time.

Discover it Miles credit card



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This post was created in collaboration with Discover it Miles, the travel credit card that lets you travel without boundaries.

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