Eye Candy

A Taste of Trinidad, Cuba's Other Photogenic City

by Lucy Laucht

Beautiful tiled floors are a relic of the early 19th century. All photos by Lucy Laucht.

Chronic wanderer and These Foreign Lands author Lucy Laucht is based in New York City, but you'd never know it by looking at her Instagram feed. She's usually off on a glorious adventure, capturing her surroundings in a collection of serene photos. After spying her shots from Trinidad, Cuba, we asked for her to describe some trip highlights.

TRINIDAD, Cuba – We passed parched fields and the emerald Escambray Mountains before arriving late afternoon into Trinidad, the town that time forgot. The sun was low and cast shadows through the winding streets. In Trinidad, horse and cart remains the preferred mode of transport. Perfectly preserved colonial buildings, painted like pastel confections, are a relic of the town's prosperity from the sugar trade (in the 19th century). Trinidad is the perfect remedy to Havana: sleepy, genteel, and friendly. We spent our days wandering the streets and our nights discovering Cuban rum and rumba.

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