Travel Loot

Fill Your Home with America’s Coolest Indie Wares

by Rita Mehta

Photos (from left): Rita at home; courtesy of The American Edit. Ginny Sims Ceramic Tumblers; courtesy of Mille.

This week, we're turning our Travel Loot column over to merchandising and product development consultant Rita Mehta. After several years working for a major global retailer, Mehta was inspired to start The American Edit, a site that explores American products. She has fantastic taste — we'll take one of each please — and she was kind enough to share a Rolodex of indie shops we're now dying to visit.

There are few things I love more than travel, so I'm fortunate that my work gives me the opportunity to do so quite often. I run The American Edit, a website that celebrates the best American-made products. I typically plan my trips around independent restaurants and shops I want to visit (with a few museums or hikes thrown in), which means I'm always uncovering new and incredible brands and the shops that carry them.

Here are ten of my favorite recent household finds. Everything is manufactured in the USA and sold at small, independent shops across America.

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