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A Way to Go, Episode 16: Running from the Law, with Tyler Wetherall

by Team Fathom
The author as an infant, with her mother, brother, and sister in Maui. Her father, who took the photograph, wanted to capture the undercover FBI lurking in the background.

A Way to Go, Episode 16 - Running from the Law, with Tyler Wetherall

When we hear about people being "bit by the travel bug," we think of them as having an appreciation of new places — not necessarily a compulsion to get up and go. The two go hand in hand for Tyler Wetherall, a travel writer who, as a child, moved 13 times across five countries and used a name that was different than the one on her passport. When she was nine years old, she learned why: Her father was a fugitive and the family was running from the FBI.

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Visit: tylerwetherall.com

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