Fathom Favorites : Kyoto Shops

1. Evam Eva

A sweet, calming boutique a few blocks north of Nishiki Market that sells clothing made in Japan. If you want that effortlessly classy, flowy look all the locals are sporting, shop here. Just note that sizes run on the small side. 

100 Aburaya-cho (Yanaginobanbadori)
Kyoto, Nakagyo-ku 604-8103

2. Uragu

This small design studio tucked away at the end of the smallest alleyway in Gion sells even smaller paper products, like ippitsu-ori (a memo pad with bellows), ippitsu-tsuka (a memo block boxed in ceramic), kansu (a guest book for recording), and kiccho (a fold-out notebook for memorial days). Really a find, if you can find it. (Here's the map.)

297 Miyagawasuji 4-chome
Kyoto, Higashiyama-ku 605-0801

3. Otsuka-Gofutuken

Across the road from Arabica Kyoto in Higashiyama is this shop selling modern, high-end kimono. Find very special yukata (lightweight cotton robes) and beachy geta (wooden clogs). 

88-1 Hoshinocho
Kyoto, Higashiyama-ku 605-0853

4. Ichizawa Shinzaburo

A longstanding producer of canvas bags (backpacks, weekenders) that began in Kyoto over 100 years ago with a tote modeled after the traditional milkman's bag. 

602 Takabatake-cho
Kyoto, Higashiyama-ku 605-0017

5. Kaikado

The family-run shop has been crafting beautiful brass, tin, and copper cylinder tea caddies for nearly 150 years.

84-1 Umeminato-cho
Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku 600-8127

6. Ippodo

A 300-year-old tea parlor and iconic Japanese brand.

52 Tokiwagichō
Kyoto, Nakagyo-ku 604-0915