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Now That Summer Is Here, You Need These Products

by Jane Larkworthy
sunbathing Photo by Maria Lupan / Unsplash

Depending on your habits, the official arrival of summer might be marked by Memorial Day weekend or a restocking of sandals and T-shirts. For me, it’s the new crop of beauty products that seem made for warmer weather. This baker's dozen of winners will not only elevate your gorgeous game for the next few months but also carry you through the rest of the year.

This Sunscreen Covers in Two Ways

MDSolarSciences Mineral BB Creme SPF 50 isn’t exactly full coverage, but its whipped texture gives skin a silky surface that provides a slightly blurry filter, which my skin appreciates. Because of its sheer formula, one of its two shades works on most skin tones. $38.

This Moisturizer Controls Oil

With heat often comes humidity And with humidity, often comes oilier skin. Dr. Hauschka Balancing Day Lotion provides hydration for oily and combination skin while also helping reduce shine, and its lemongrass aroma is a very pleasing bonus. $35

The Spot-Applying Foundation

You’ve already covered your face with sunscreen (and if you didn’t, ahem, why not?), so adding a full layer of foundation can feel a bit much when the goal is breathable and breezy. Bobbi Brown (yes, that Bobbi Brown) created Jones Road The Face Pencil to cover imperfections and be easily blendable with skin. Not only did she formulate this stick with a clear base to avoid chalky undertones, she made it in 25 wide-ranging shades. $25

The Blush That Can Sub In, If Needed

If bronze, beige, and pink had a baby, it would be (M)anasi 7 Beauty Evolution Bronzelighter Roseate. It’s been my go-to blush for a couple of years, but when I saw a friend recently apply it to her eyelids and her lips, I realized how multi-functional it really is. $58.

Polish Made With Your Toes in Mind

Robin Lanahan created See My Toes 10-free nail polish (meaning it contains none of the ten known toxic ingredients commonly found in nail polish, like toluene or formaldehyde) for people who usually leave their hands au naturel but love color on their feet. It might sound confusing, but as someone who never gets a manicure, this line speaks to me. I can’t wait to paint my toes with the optimistic blue shade called Paddle Out. $18

The Lightest Healing Hand Cream

Using 79 Lux Cream on your hands is like driving a souped-up Volvo. Hands feel super protected (thanks, zinc and avocado oil) and cared for (thanks, squalane and hyaluronic acid), but its formula is lusciously smooth. And sinks in immediately, so you’re never stuck with extra slickness or stickiness. $40.

This Candle Transports

Forest bathing is an interesting concept. It essentially means stopping during a hike through the woods and taking a moment to really let the surroundings sink in. I’m lucky that I get to forest bathe every day. But for those whose habitats are more of the concrete variety, lighting Anecdote’s candle of the same name might be the next best thing. $24

A Bug Bite Soother That Calms the Mind

Bug bites suck, but they suck (and itch) less with a swipe of EiRNYC Bite Tamer. Its blend of castor oil, tea tree oil, and camphor bark quells the itch and/or sting, and also helps reduce inflammation. The scent provides a pleasant mind soother to boot. $18

The Cleanser That Needs No Water

Rain Organica Leave No Trace Rinse Free Facial Cleanser is like an updated version of your grandmother’s cold cream: It’s full of clean and organic hydrating ingredients (like Meadowfoam seed oil, dead sea mud, olive oil), and you can leave it on overnight. It’s ideal when you need a no-rinse-necessary option for those times you’re somewhere without water, such as in a lean-to up in the mountains along the Appalachian Trail. $34

The Gentlest Makeup Remover

Nearly every time I drag a makeup-remover-drenched cotton pad over my eyes, a lash or two will invariably appear on my cheek. A few spritzes of Vike Makeup Melt dissolves mascara (even water-resistant!) and all makeup — no tugging or dragging required. You just massage the sprayed area gently with your fingers, and it’s gone with a splash or two of water. This is not a cleanser, so follow up with your favorite. $24

The Hair Reboot

dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is kind of like a reset for your hair, which all types can use. Its blend of vinegar, argon oil, aloe vera, and lavender extract is excellent at removing impurities (which can be anything from excess product to salt water to chlorine), but even if I haven’t product excessed or swum in a pool recently, I still love how clean my scalp feels and how shiny my hair looks after using it. $35

The Sun Hat

I was never into hats until I realized what excellent sunscreens they made. These reversible bucket hats from Robot Bunnies have generous brims to adequately protect your face. Made from pre-washed denim, they feel sturdy yet relaxed and won’t shrink in the dryer after washing. Because each hat is made to order, you can request your own specific fabric pattern duo. $87

It’s Time to Strip Down Our Soap

I love watching a trend take hold, especially when it’s focused on sustainability. Bar soaps are a perfect example. Removing the bottle and pump is liberating, and the recent crop are made of high-quality clean ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter, making them so gentle on skin that some can even be used on the face. My new favorites are from Sop ($10), Osmia ($18) and Orris ($21).

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