Travel Loot

Discover the World with Fathom's Favorite Travel Books

by Berit Baugher
The The Quarterlane Passport 03 x Fathom collection. Photo courtesy of Quarterlane.

Nothing can replace the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings we experiencs on a far-flung adventure, but a really great book can be the next best thing. Which is why we're excited to announce Quarterlane Passport 03 x Fathom, a collection of our favorite — and most transporting — travel books, produced in collaboration with the book delivery service Quarterlane. These are volumes that we page through again and again, that enlighten and teach us about our amazing world.

Here's what you'll find on this inspiring and beautiful shelf or coffee table:

Food writer Shane Mitchell and photographer James Fisher traversed the globe to gather stories and recipes from local cultures in Far Afield. Photographer Benjamin Grant filled Overview: A New Perspective of Earth with striking high-definition satellite images. Ella Frances Sanders teaches us the most unusual international phrases in The Illustrated Book of Sayings. Also included in each box is a limited-edition print by photographer, Tiny Atlas Quarterly founder, and Fathom contributor Emily Nathan, as well as a pocket-sized Sloane Stationary notebook to record your travel dreams and finds.

We hope you'll find this collection as wonderful as we do. And it will make a great gift for all the travelers in your life!


The Quarterlane Passport 03 x Fathom collection is available at for $105.


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