Fathom Favorites : New Orleans Shops

1. Friend

A stylish men's shop straight outta Brooklyn. Brands include APC, Saturday Surf NYC, and Soludos. Check out the magazine rack for a hard-to-find indie titles.

600 Carondelet St.
New Orleans, 70130

2. Defend New Orleans

Skip the touristy T-shirt shops in the Quarter and pick up a locally designed tees instead. Proceeds from sales are donated to post-Katrina recovery efforts.

1101 First St.
New Orleans, 70130

3. Earth Savers

Half shop, half spa, it's just as easy to lose yourself in the Dead Sea mud treatment as in the rows of serums and shampoos.

5501 Magazine St.
New Orleans, 70115

4. Grove Street Press

Run by a pair of cousins who set up a manual printing press in a little shed in Louisiana. Now it's a full-blown shop selling mighty nice greeting cards, prints, and "life's little, yet abundant joys."

521 Saint Joseph St.
New Orleans, 70130

5. Octavia Books

A favorite spot for bookworms with a special selection of local literature and city-centric titles. 

513 Octavia St.
New Orleans, 70115

6. Mitch's Flowers

Where you can pick up Oysteria's gorgeous, handmade oyster plates, an excellent gift or keepsake from your time down south.

4843 Magazine St.
New Orleans, 70115

7. Box Paper Scissor

Stocked with stationery, journals, and fashion periodicals that are cool, edgy, and chic. This is not your grandma's notecard shop.

3900 Magazine St.
New Orleans, 70115

8. Island of Salvation Botanica

Meet with Sally Ann Glassman, New Orleans' Voodoo Priestess, and have your own gris gris bag made "to keep the haters shufflin'." Stock up on money candles and chicken feet for protection.

2372 St Claude Ave. #100
New Orleans, 70117

9. Longshore Studio Gallery

Pop artist Ashley Longshore's studio showroom is a glittery jewel box of eccentric, colorful paintings of fashion figures and famous artists. 


4848 Magazine St.
New Orleans, 70115

10. Avery Fine Perfumery

A sunlit shop — filled with salvaged woods, metals, and mirrors — stands alone on this quiet street in the gallery district. A small collection of very special, hard-to-find French perfumes and artisanal colognes are available for the spritzing (onto feathers), sniffing, wafting, and collecting.

527 St. Joseph St.
New Orleans, LA, 70130

11. Perch

A home design shop with vintage and contemporary furniture, art, antiques, and awesome tabletop pieces.

2844 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA, 70115

12. Sucre

The place to go for a sparkly slice of king cake and delicious chocolate bars flavored with exotic ingredients like Sicilian pistachios and rose petals.

3025 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA, 70115

13. The Arthur Roger Gallery

A rotating cast of the city's best local artisans and contemporary artists display their work (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media) at this pioneering gallery.

432 Julia St.
New Orleans, LA, 70130

14. Ann Koerner Antiques

A beautifully curated collection of rustic housewares, shabby chic antiques, and 19th-century furniture.

4021 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA, 70115

15. Aidan Gill

Gents can shop for fancy razors, toiletries, and bow ties while waiting for a hot-towel shave and haircut in the old school barbershop chairs at the back of the shop.

2026 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA, 70130

16. Faulkner House Books

Rare first editions of Southern literature along with a nice selection of contemporary fiction are stacked floor-to-15-foot ceiling. Pick up a little Tennessee Williams or Walker Percy for the ride home.

624 Pirate’s Alley
New Orleans, LA, 70116