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Travel Around the World and Back with Spring’s New Coffee Table Books

by Berit Baugher

Matcha. Photo courtesy of Dovetail Press.

A fresh crop of inspired books are showcasing the world's best hotels and most beautiful cities. From Japan's creative studios to international surfer abodes, these new hardcover releases have earned a spot on a well-traveled coffee table. Page through for travel inspiration.

Stay With Me: The Most Creative Hotel Brands in the World

Photo courtesy of Ginko Press Inc.

"Stay With Me: The Most Creative Hotel Brands in the World"

Travelers who appreciate a well-appointed lobby or beautiful neighborhood map will be drawn into Catherine Harvey's new book celebrating hotels — like The Oyster Inn, Wythe Hotel, and Palihouse Santa Monica — that are captivating vacationers with clever branding. ($45)

Morning Noon Night

Photo courtesy of Soho House.

"Morning Noon Night: A Way of Living"

Tips for crafting the perfect bloody Mary, a guide to mastering the art of antique shopping, and hints on how to light a room are a few of the topics touched upon in the newest book from Soho House, a how-to of sorts for replicating the style and feel of the the members-only club and hotel brand. ($31)

Paris in Bloom

Photo courtesy of Abrams Books.

"Paris in Bloom"

From elegant floral boutiques to expansive public gardens, Paris becomes a superlative when it's in bloom. Photographer Georgianna Lane transports readers with a floral tour and provides valuable recommendations for future visits. ($12)

The Bucket List: 1,000 Adventures Big & Small

Photo courtesy of Universe Publishing.

"The Bucket List: 1,000 Adventures Big & Small"

Not sure where to go next? From bird-watching in Kenya to driving through clouds in Sri Lanka, itchy-footed travelers will have plenty of ideas to choose from and stunning photographs to inspire serious vacation plans. ($22)

Venetian Chic

Photo courtesy of Assouline Publishing.

"Venetian Chic"

No one knows Venice like Francesca Bortolotto Possati, owner and creative force behind the Bauers Hotels (Fathom Favorites in Venice). In this gorgeous volume, she takes readers behind the scenes and up the stairs into the stunning palazzi, gardens, workshops, and other addresses that make the city so magical. ($60)


Photo courtesy of Dovetail Press.


The bright pink cover makes this book a real showstopper. Fans and matcha newbies alike will enjoy a deep dive into the energy-boosting drink that includes a history of matcha, recipes, commonly used terms, and an index of favorite brands and list of LA and NYC bars that make and serve the high-quality tea. ($20)

Where They Create: Japan

Photo courtesy of Frame Publisher.

"Where They Create: Japan"

Photographer Paul Barbera takes readers on a tour of Japan with behind-the-scenes photos and interviews with some of the country's leading creatives, including architect Kengo Kuma and designer Nicola Formichetti. ($22)

The Design Hotels Book: Edition 2017

Photo courtesy of Design Hotels.

"The Design Hotels Book: Edition 2017"

For those who appreciate a contemporary and well-considered design aesthetic, the latest edition of Design Hotel's yearbook spotlights 283 stunning hotels across 207 destinations around the globe. It's enough inspiration to fuel a lifetime of wanderlust. (€60)

The Photo Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals

Photo courtesy of National Geographic.

"The Photo Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals"

In a little less than 100 years, nearly half the world's species could go extinct. National Geographic fellow and acclaimed photographer Joe Sartore has made it his life's work to shine a light on these animals. In his new book, Sartore collected photographs of more than 6,000 species, including the white rhino, a two-headed turtle, and the now-extinct Rabbs' fling-limbed tree frog. ($29)

Wildside: The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers

Photo courtesy of Gestalten.

"Wildside: The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers"

Step off the beaten path with a modern guide to the great outdoors. The compilation of profiles and essays features characters such as Clare Benson, whose images are both primal and familiar, a reflection of her upbringing in Northern Michigan's hunting culture, and Nick Neddo, an artistic tool maker from New England. ($37)

Old Cuba

Photo courtesy of Rizzoli.

"Old Cuba"

Arguably the hottest travel destination today, the storied island nation is on the brink of modernization with new hotel openings, lifted trade bans, and an influx of travelers clambering to visit "before it's too late." Sites like the magnificent cathedral of Old Havana and the plantation homes of Pinar del Rió showcase the island's splendid Colonial-era architecture in this new book. ($28)

The New Paris: The People, Places, & Ideas Fueling a Movement

Photo courtesy of Abrams Books.

"The New Paris: The People, Places, & Ideas Fueling a Movement"

Rich in history and tradition, a wave of modern thinkers and creative entrepreneurs are infusing the French capital with new energy. To highlight this fascinating revolution, journalist and Fathom contributor Lindsey Tramuta profiled local chefs, mixologists, soap makers, gallery owners, and designers — like our pal Usha Bora of lifestyle and accessory brand Jamini. ($16)

Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water

Photo courtesy of Clarkson Potter.

"Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water"

From Australia to Japan, readers are given a peek inside the bungalows, trailers, cabins, and beach houses that today's global surfing community call home. ($22)

Picturing America: The Golden Age of Pictorial Maps

Photo courtesy of The University of Chicago Press.

"Picturing America: The Golden Age of Pictorial Maps"

Since the first medieval cartographers started mapping out the world, colorful maps have been an invaluable and delightful tool for those who travel. From the 1920s through the 1970s, map designers continued the tradition of mixing whimsy and fact, creating thousands of maps for use as advertisements and decorative objects. For the first time, those works of art have been bound together in a a charming volume perfect for armchair travelers. ($40)

How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip

Photo courtesy of Clarkson Potter.

"How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip"

With more than 500,000 miles of travel under her belt, former consultant Hitha Palepu knows a thing or two about packing. The travel-sized book features guidelines for narrowing down one's wardrobe, best practices for storing toiletries, and guidance on selecting the right piece of luggage. ($9)

Entryways of Milan

Photo courtesy of Taschen.

"Entryways of Milan"

Hidden from the view of most, editor Karl Kolbitz showcases 144 of Milan's most beautiful private entries in a collection that includes work from famed architects and designers like Giovanni Muxio, Gio Pointi, and Luigi Caccia Dominioni. ($50)


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