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12 Perfumes to Inspire Your Next Vacation

by Jane Larkworthy
Inhale the rainforest. Photo by Kyle Cleveland / Unsplash.

Our feature on LilaNur Parfums, the new collection of scents created in and inspired by India, got us thinking about other wanderlust-inducing perfumes. 

While it's pretty obvious that most fragrances are designed to have transportive powers, these ten scents are especially designed to make you want to pull out that passport.

Paddleboarding at Sunset

The floral notes of jasmine, gardenia, and violet leaf in Gabar Float are quietly anchored by musk and tobacco in this oceany scent by Phway Su Aye. Even better, ten percent of Gabar’s annual profits go toward rebuilding Eye’s home country of Myanmar.

Stomping at the Apollo

Sandalwood, amber, and musk are the undertones of Chris Collins’ Harlem Nights, but it’s the jasmine and rum that add a definitive edge. Something about this fragrance inspires me to slip into my dance shoes and hit town.

Roaming Through Chateau Marmont (As One Does...)

When your childhood vacations involve either grandma's house or a pop-up camper, like mine did, hotel stays were magical, and running through their meandering halls remains a fond memory. Perfume Head captured the interiors of the legendary Chateau Marmont in Room No, a warm and woodsy scent laced with bergamot, vanilla, buttery leather, and palo santo. Please hold the elevator.

The Beautiful Chaos of a Moroccan Souk

Incense, black pepper, nutmeg, tobacco, and cedarwood are threaded with vetiver and orris leaves, instilling a mysterious aura. If you really use your imagination, you can turn that speedy Whole Foods run into a more exotic adventure if you spray Casbah de Robert Piguet on to your wrists before venturing into the produce section for winter oranges.

Strolling through Dubai’s Miracle Garden 

Perfumer Shalini Kumar’s scents had transport in mind for all of her creations, but the heady blend of oud, jasmine blossom, saffron, and musk in Jardin Nocturne by Shalini Parfum is an ode to the night air of Dubai.

The Amazon Rainforest

Inspired by a natural resin that grows in the Amazon, the woody, earthy, leafy notes (trust me — you can smell it) in Aroma by Costa Brazil are meant to evoke waking up in the jungle at dawn.

A Mid-Hike Meditation 

Lemon, cedar, fir absolute, and the eponymous hinoki make up Dirty Hinoki by Heretic Parfum, which creator Douglas Little built to evoke a Japanese forest bath in a bottle.

Arriving at The White Lotus

As its name implies, The Harmonist’s Moon Glory celebrates the planet, and implements the night-blooming flowers that grow in Hawaii (jasmine, Queen of the Night, passionflower) to translate it, should writer/director/producer Mike White not be available.

Cocktails Overlooking Positano

The sweet mix of blackcurrant, cane sugar, osmanthus, and saffron in Eau d’Italie Mystic Sunset conjure an aperol spitz on the balcony of Positano’s grand hotel Le Sirenuse.

Napping on the Beach

Described as “a sweet, salty musk,” Abel’s Cyan Nori has a delicate happiness of peach, tangerine, and, yes, musk that conjures up salty skin and ocean-drenched hair with waves crashing in the distance. We also give Abel an A+ in democracy for its very helpful “You’ll like this if you like…” suggestions of existing fragrances from other brands to help guide its customers.

Lunch on Corfu

As its name implies, Aedes de Venustas Corfu Kumquat features the Greek island’s fruit in all its citrusy glory. Tangerine and mandarin add to the theme, with a salty twist (thanks, Ionian Sea) of ambrox, olibanum, and vetiver.

Dia de los Muertos in San Miguel de Allende

Musk and incense mix with iris root, cistus, and sage in Byredo De Los Santos, giving it an earthy, sensual feel, which only makes sense since founder Ben Gorham created it in honor of Día de los Muertos and All Saints’ Day.

How about some more transporting scents? These candles smell like vacation. And so do these.

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