Travel Loot

The Ultimate Raw Travel Snack

by Berit Baugher

Photo by Henry Hargreaves.

On this week's Travel Loot, we're taking a closer look at a delicious line of bite-size, travel-friendly raw sweets.

I think a healthy, wholesome snack is a prerequisite for any successful trip. You need something delicious to look forward to on the flight. And fuel to power you through a layover at a not-so-desirable airport terminal.

Cocorau, a line of raw cacao power bites, tastes like gourmet chocolate despite being completly free of dairy, gluten, and proessed sugar. Vegan and paleo-friendly, they come in flavors guaranteed to please sophisticated palates —orange bliss, matcha tea, espresso, and lavender.

Raw, organic cacao, one of the main ingredients in the bites, is notable for such health benefits as cardiovascular support and increased brain function. Cacao contains phenylethylamine and anandamide, a powerful combination known as nature's antidepressant. And who doesn't need a little extra help to survive a flight when there's a crying baby in seat 22B.

Each small-batch bite is handcrafted in New York City and comes in a space age-looking, recyclable vacuum pack, perfectly sized and ready for travel.


Available online at for $7.

Available in New York City at:
Naturees, 21 East First St.; +1-212-777-8077
Project No.8, Ace Hotel New York, 22 W. 29th St.; +1-212-725-0008
Physical Graffitea, 96 St. Marks Pl.; +1-212-477-7334

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