The Roundup

Nantucket Essentials

by Sally Horchow
Photo: susansimon / Flickr

Sally Horchow may live in Los Angeles, but Nantucket feels like home. Here's a local's guide to what to do on the island.

NANTUCKET – My family started traveling to Nantucket from Dallas in the summer of 1974 to escape the Texas heat. We rented a house each summer and eventually built one. Once I left for boarding school and then college, it was Nantucket I would come home to every summer, not Dallas. It's where my family congregates. I got married there. And whenever I make the cross-country trek from Los Angeles, I never mind the inevitable travel hassles (you can practically bank on fog-related delays or cancellations), because I know at the end of it, I'll be on Nantucket. It's that special.

But that's just the thing: Nantucket is a special place to anyone who visits it. A friend just told me that she came to the island last winter for the first time for work, and even though it was deadly cold, dreary, and grey, she fell in love with it. 

I like visiting in the off-season, but Nantucket really means summer to me. These are the places and experiences that make it so great, from A to Z.