Fathom Favorites : Rome Shops

1. Moriondo e Gariglio

Moriondo e Gariglio

Founded by a Piedmontese family in the 19th century, Moriondo e Gariglio is Rome's most revered chocolate shop. Their cacao-based confections are sold by weight from the counter at the back of the store and carefully packaged. While the dark chocolate-coated nuts and brittle travel well, the most durable items are jars of marron glacés, plump candied chestnuts in syrup.

Via del Pie' di Marmo 21/22
Rome, 00186

2. Pro Loco Dol

Pro Loco Dol

Vincenzo Mancino's haven only carries products from Lazio, the region of which Rome is capital. Favorites at Pro Loco Dol include heirloom legumes, prosciutto di Bassiano, and conciato di San Vittore, a raw-milk cheese aged in crust made from wild herbs and spices.

Via Domenico Panaroli 35
Rome, 00172

3. De Clercq & De Clercq

De Clercq & De Clercq

The beautiful knitted cashmere sweaters, pullovers, and scarves made by two Italian sisters have been a favorite in the fashion world for decades, yet Diane and Evelyne are still keeping it in the family at their tiny atelier on Rome's Via dei Prefetti. Stop by the store if only to marvel at the boho decor.

Via dei Prefetti 10
Rome, 00186

4. Di San Giacomo

Di San Giacomo

A little pocket of the Amalfi coast in Rome, where made-to-measure women's sandals are crafted on the premises. They have countless styles and colors of leather straps, and add a special twist: Jewelry that matches the shoes. Sounds crazy, but it totally works.

Via di Tor Millina 10/11
Rome, 00186

5. Libreria La Gru

There's something romantic about old bookstores: the stacks, the smell, the history, the opportunity to experience theater, history, art, and humor with the flip of the page. On the red-painted shelves you'll find rare, illustrated, and forgotten classics in English and Italian.

Via del Boschetto 20
Rome, 00184

6. Mercatino del Borghetto Flaminio

Mercatino del Borghetto Flaminio

The city's best flea market is as calm as its bourgeois neighborhood. More than 200 vendors sell everything from barely-worn designer clothing and exquisite jewelry to teapots and vintage cameras. 

Piazza della Marina 32
Rome, 00196

7. Laura Tonatto Perfumes

Laura Tonatto Perfumes

A small and innovative interactive olfactory playground, where the Turin-based perfumers' scents are paired with music and movies (La Dolce Vita, Cleopatra), for a fantastic, full-on sensory overload. Her full range of scents are also for sale.

Piazza di Pietra 42
Rome, 00186

8. Wonderfool

A beautiful concept shop whose motto is “wellness and style.” There’s a Neapolitan-style barbershop, a spa for men and women, and a boutique that stocks select beauty and fashion products from some of the world’s most interesting brands. Stop in for a coffee and a browse. 

Via dei Banchi Nuovi 39
Rome, 00186

9. Nicotra di San Giacomo

Nicotra di San Giacomo

Beautiful, almost decadent jewelry made from weaving silver and gold with jewel-colored silk thread. The resulting bracelets, necklaces, and rings are fluid and very striking. 

Via del Governo Vecchio 128
Rome, 00186

10. LOL


Hanging from the racks of the gorgeous, light-filled boutique are collections of small-batch knitwear pieces, Italian silk short-and-shirt sets, incredible printed dresses, and elegant trousers and coats.

Via Urbana 89-92
Rome, 00184

11. Aromaticus


It’s almost like a little bit of Portland has seeped into the Monti neighborhood. Follow the scent of aromatic herbs to the small gardening shop filled with kitchen plants, urban gardening accoutrements, and a small kitchen counter from which they serve aromatic salads and slow food carpaccios. 

Via Urbana 134
Rome, 00184

12. Saddlers Union

Saddlers Union

A small workshop on ritzy but discreet Via Margutta that sells customizable leather bags and accessories for men and women. The legendary heritage brand that was a favorite of the jetset in the 1960s has been recently revived and now produces classic and contemporary designs.

Via Margutta 11
Rome, 00187

13. 'Gusto


Culinary dreams come to life in this crammed shop that’s packed with every accouterment a home cook could want: rolling pins and cocottes, cookbooks and wooden spoons. The library/emporium is part of the larger ‘Gusto complex which includes a cheese shop, pizzeria, osteria, and café – to inspire your creations.

Piazza Augusto imperatore 7
Rome, 00186

14. Kokoro


Gorgeous vintage fabrics redone as beautiful, fashion-forward dresses. The designer draws inspiration from New York, Berlin, and Paris, bringing a globally-chic look to the Monti neighborhood.

Via del Boschetto 75
Rome, 00184

15. Volpetti


An awesome gastronomia full of local and imported Italian artisan products. They will vacuum-seal meats for a nominal fee if you want to take them out of the country. The sibling cafeteria Volpetti Piu around the corner serves good prepared foods, the best of which is pizza con patate (potatoes).

Via Marmorata 47
Rome, 00153