Fathom Favorites : Rome Bars + Cafes

1. Chorus


Master mixologist Massimo d'Addezio and chef Andrea Fusco took over a gorgeous, Fascist-era reception hall at the Vatican's Auditorium and have turned into one of the city's best, if not the most stylish, cocktail lounges. High ceilings, original marble, velvet divans, and a glowing bar counter are the perfect backdrop to d'Addezio's clever concoctions.

Via della Conciliazione 4
Rome, 00193

2. Litro


By day, a neighborhood cafe that serves snacks and drinks in the quiet residential district of Monteverde Vecchio. By night, Valeria Sebastiani — a veteran of the city's cocktail scene — mixes classic drinks, as well as mezcal and whisky cocktails. The wine list is also composed of artisanal pours from small producers with spectacular, handcrafted cheeses and cured meats to match.

Via Fratelli Bonnet 5
Rome, 00152

3. Sciascia Caffe

Sciascia Caffe

Those famous Pantheon-adjacent coffee shops are charming and all, but Rome's serious coffee drinkers head to this spot, opened near the Vatican in 1919, instead.

Via Fabio Massimo 80/A
Roma, 00192

4. The Jerry Thomas Project

The Jerry Thomas Project

Ring the bell, see the door open a crack, and give a password. (You can find a hint on the website.) The design recalls the days of Prohibition, and they have one of Rome's, if not Italy's, most exciting and innovative cocktail lists. Open until four in the morning for night owls. Early birds can shop the emporium across the street.

Vicolo Cellini 30
Rome, 00816

5. Freni e Frizioni

Freni e Frizioni

A fun, neighborhood bar located in a former autobody shop on the banks of the Tiber River. Out went the tools and car gear (“freni” and “frizioni” are “brakes” and “clutches”); in came vintage furniture, chandeliers, contemporary art, and a well stocked bar. In addition to cocktails, they serve a generous evening buffet.

Via del Politeama 4/6
Rome, 00153

6. Zia Rosetta

Zia Rosetta

Blink and you'll miss this itsy-bitsy juice bar and eatery, a sliver of white with a big blackboard of beverages (from creamy lattes to veggie-packed smoothies) and menu of rosettes (little sandwiches stuffed with things like bresaola, parmesan, rocket, and meatballs).

Via Urbana 54
Rome, 00184

7. La Barrique

La Barrique

A neighborly wine bar known for its champagnes and great wines recently added a full menu to its offerings. The décor is simple: wooden tables and chairs, white walls, shelves lined with bottles, a chalkboard listing wines on offer.

Via del Boschetto 41B
Rome, 00183

8. No.Au


A fun and funky bar whose name stands for "naturale, organico, alimento, umano" (natural, organic, humane, food) and is a play on the English "know-how."; There's an insider vibe – two of the owners are superstar pizzaiolo Gabriele Bonci and brewmaster Teo Musso – but the place is totally mellow, with friendly staff and painted, mismatched tables and chairs.

Piazza di Montevecchio 16
Rome, 00186

9. Salotto 42

Salotto 42

A pretty little bar overlooking a quiet piazza where they serve smoothies and fresh juices in addition to cocktails. The space is slick but welcoming, with an arched ceilings, art books lining the walls, velvet sofas, and goldfish swimming in bowls on the coffee tables.

Piazza di Pietra 42
Rome, 00186

10. Il Palazzetto

Il Palazzetto

Rome is a city of rooftop bars (the view!) and the terrace here is one of the prettiest. The small hotel just off the Spanish Steps is owned by the nearby Hotel Hassler, which also has a terrific bar, but Il Palazzetto feels more like a find. Come year-round: heating mushrooms warm the terrace during colder months.

Vicolo del Bottino 8
Rome, 00187

11. Treebar


Like so many cool bars in Rome, this one is open from breakfast until the wee small hours, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m, then 6 p.m.-1 a.m. (Closed Monday lunch.) The former kiosk now has a cool scandinavian look and draws a fun crowd, especially on Monday nights for the party they call We Like Monday, with aperitivi, tapas, and DJ sets.

Via Flaminia 226
Rome, 00196

12. Caffe Canova-Tadolini

Caffe Canova-Tadolini

A stunning place for a coffee or an aperitivo, filled with museum-quality sculptures and casts by Antonio Canova and the multi-generational family of his best pupil, Adamo Tadolini. There's a full restaurant, but it's best for drinks.

Via del Babuino 150A-B
Rome, 00187

13. Etabli


A hip and unique (for Rome, anyway) wine bar and lounge with a great mixture of old and new décor and friendly staff. Come for quiet drinks before dinner, a party scene, or a nightcap. They have live music Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. 

Vicolo delle Vacche 9
Rome, 00186

14. Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa'

Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa'

The artisanal beer scene is big in Rome, and this pub draws cute boys (and girls) who like a great draughts on tap. Yeah, it's dark, dingy, and pubby, and there's probably a soccer game on the TV, but it's totally fun when you're in that kind of mood. The name, incidentally, roughly translates as "What'd you come here for?" 


Via di Benedetta 25
Rome, 00153