Fathom Favorites : Mexico City

1. ​El Lago de los Cisnes

After a night fueled by drinking and dancing, hit the 24-hour taqueria. Order tacos al pastor at 5 a.m. If you add cheese, it's called a gringa

Prado Norte 391

2. Loose Blues

Loose Blues

The Japanese owners curate cool clothes for men and women, accessories, vinyl, and books from Mexico and abroad. Like a vintage store but better, clothes and vinyl are sold on the first floor and a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine with a nice bar occupies the second floor. Everything overlooks a glass-cased showroom with vintage furniture and interior goods.

Calle Dinamarca 44, Juárez, 06600
+52 55 5546 4359

3. ​Casa Cabelleria

​Casa Cabelleria

This place is a dream. They stock everything a dapper gentlemen needs — hats, bow ties, leather duffle bags, boots, cool jackets, shirts in a variety of prints, suitcases, notebooks, smoking accessories ... the list goes on. Many products are made by from local designers and artisans. The shop, located in an old house in Juarez, is a literal man cave — and a beautiful one, at that — with a barbershop, a tattoo parlor, and a basement pizza joint.

Havre 64, Juárez, 06600
+52 55 5207 3216

4. Apartment25

A super minimal and very curated boutique within Córdoba 25, an old, beautiful building in Roma Norte filled with cool, creative businesses —a bookstore, gallery, architecture and branding studio. The merch is primarily menswear, with an emphasis on high-end streetwear, but they also stock accessories and tops for the ladies. 

Córdoba 25, Roma Norte, 06700 
+52 55 7045 8923

5. Churreria El Moro

Churreria El Moro

Open 24/7 for hot-out-of-the-fryer churros and eight different types of delicious creamy hot chocolate. 

Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 42, Centro Histórico
+52 55 5512 0896

6. Fundación Marso

Fundación Marso

An international contemporary art exhibition space inside a beautifully decaying turn-of-the-century mansion. 

Berlín 37, Juárez, 06600
+52 55 7095 6840

7. The Hidden Kitchen

The Hidden Kitchen

Chef Gerardo Aguilar, who is known for throwing experimental pop-up dinners around the city, finally has his own space in Colonia Doctores. A meal here is a private experience, which means the menu is tailored to your party and you’re free to get up and ask the chefs questions while they cook. 

Humboldt 59, Colonia Centro
+52 55 5086 4706

8. Patrick Miller

One of the few inclusive megaclubs where you don’t need a smoking hot posse just to get through the door.

Mérida 17, Roma Norte, 06700

9. Casa Franca

Casa Franca

On the second floor of this old, beautiful house in Roma Norte, jazz takes center stage, while locals sip cocktails in salon rooms and on outdoor terraces.

Mérida 109, Roma Norte, 06700 
+52 55 5208 2265

10. Xaman


A laid-back cocktail bar where incense and indigenous ingredients come together to a form a spiritual drinking experience.

Copenhague 6, Juárez
+52 55 4793 2614

11. La Barra de Fran

La Barra de Fran

An atmosphere of a foodie's dream: sidewalk seating, jamón hanging over the bar, a table spread of croquetas, chistorra (a Basque cured sausage akin to chorizo), much-need salads, salt-baked fish, and a tray of aged meats that you cook yourself on searing cast-iron skillets provided by the kitchen.

Emilio Castelar 185. Polanco 11560
+1 52 806 650

12. Lucerna Comedor

Lucerna Comedor

An of-the-moment food hall in Barrio Juárez with insane seafood tacos and a very Instagrammable ceiling filled with colorful paper umbrellas. 

Calle Lucerna 51, Barrio Juarèz
+52 55 5535 8665

13. Café Nin

Café Nin

A charming cafe from the venerable bread makers at Panaderia Rosetta. The menu is extensive, the space is beautiful, and you can't go wrong with a guava roll and scrambled eggs in spicy tomato sauce with the aromatic herb hoja santa. 

Havre 73, Juárez
+52 55 9155 4805

14. Mercado de San Juan

Mercado de San Juan

A traditional food market in the center of Mexico City where you can find almost anything and everything from around the country.

Calle de Ernesto Pugibet 21, Colonia Centro

15. Galería Mexicana de Diseño

Galería Mexicana de Diseño

This contemporary Mexican design store has been crucial for promoting local artisans. From jewelry to furniture, you can always find artful objects here created by both emerging designers and established household names.

Havre 77, Fl. 1, Colonia Juárez

16. Carla Fernández

Carla Fernández

Designer Cala Fernández works closely with local artisans to create clothing that embodies the spirit of Mexico and the heritage of the indigenous communities. Her garments highlight bright colors, bold patterns, and intricate embroidery.

Avenida Álvaro Obregón 200, Colonia Roma

17. Casa Luis Barragán

Casa Luis Barragán

The former home of the renown Mexican architect is an incredible space that architecture fans cannot miss. Advance reservations are essential, as walk-ins are not accepted.

Francisco Ramírez 12-14, Colonia Miguel Hidalgo

18. Galería OMR

Galería OMR

A cutting-edge contemporary art space dedicated to fostering new artistic voices throughout Mexico and abroad.

Córdoba 100, Colonia Roma Norte

19. Galería Labor

Galería Labor

The beautiful gallery space is known for a unique approach: They only work with artists who create their projects based on research processes.

Francisco Ramirez 5, Colonia Daniel Garza

20. Proyecto Paralelo

Proyecto Paralelo

Opened in 2012, this gallery showcases contemporary art from local and foreign artists in collaboration with sister gallery La Caja Negra in Madrid, Spain.

Alfonso Reyes 58, Colonia Hipódromo

21. House of Gaga

House of Gaga

Contemporary gallery showcasing work from both international artists and local rising stars. They also have a gallery in Los Angeles.

Amsterdam 123, Colonia Condesa

22. La Tachinomi Desu

La Tachinomi Desu

This wine bar from Edo Kobayashi Hospitality Group is an under-the-radar, industry hangout — only those who’ve been know about it. In addition to a great selection of natural and biodynamic wines, the bar offers an amazing three-course omakase.

Río Pánuco 132B, Colonia Cuauhtémoc

23. Cocteles El Jarocho de Virreyes

A small sidewalk stand that serves great shrimp cocktail.

Iturrigaray 105, Colonia Lomas-Virreyes

24. Esquina del Chilaquil

Brave the line at the popular stand for improvised tortas for breakfast or early lunch.

Alfonso Reyes 139, Colonia Hipódromo

25. Loup Bar

Loup Bar

This cozy new wine bar demonstrates food standards to live by: well-sourced ingredients, immediate flavors, and simple dishes. Though not all of the food offerings are traditionally Mexican, everything is made with locally sourced, organic ingredients. The cook, Joaquín Cardoso, is super talented and does a mean risotto and flank steak.

Tonalá 23, Colonia Roma Norte

26. Lorea


For five years, chef Oswaldo Oliva was the second on board at Mugaritz, one of the world's best restaurants in Spain. He has finally returned to his native city. Definitely a chef to watch, his tasting menu tells the story of Mexican ingredients throughout the seasons.

Sinaloa 141, Colonia Roma Norte

27. El Turix

Don’t underestimate this understated, street-side taqueria. Despite its hole-in-the-wall looks, it offers some of the best cochinita pibil tacos around.

Emilio Castelar 212, Colonia Polanco

28. Casa Lamm

A cultural center in a beautiful building from the 1800s, with a stylishly appointed glassed-in restaurant and an excellent art bookshop called Librería Pegaso.

Álvaro Obregón 99
Mexico City, 06700

29. Museo del Objeto del Objeto

A beautiful art nouveau building is converted into a temple for consumer goods, from a copper, hand-crank washing machine to an Iron Maiden cassette tape. There are also rotating collections from obsessives: things like pencils, vintage skateboards, men's sneakers, and old-timey Mexico postcards.

Colima 145
Mexico City, 06700

30. Diego Rivera Studio Museum

Just across from the San Angel Inn is the home Rivera built for himself and Frida in the early 1930s. It's concrete and austere in some ways, but it's also drenched in sunlight and feels fresh and avant-garde.

Av. Altavista and Diego Rivera Rd.
Mexico City, 01060

31. Museo Frida Kahlo

Here is the converted childhood home of Mexico's most beloved artist and famous cultural export. Her bedroom, studio, and dining room remains as she left them, and the whole thing is an excellent shade of blue. Try and memorize the mole recipe located on the door to the kitchen.

Londres No. 247, Col. Del Carmen
Mexico City, 04100

32. Palacio de Bellas Artes

Two times a week, the Tiffany glass curtain opens to reveal the Ballet Folklórico de México. Diego Rivera murals line the four-story atrium in perpetuity.

Av. Juárez y Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas
Mexico City, 06050

33. Templo Mayor

Dig into the historic complex, an Aztec religious site, in the city center (zocalo). Pyramids, animal carvings, shrines, figurines, skulls, and giant sculpture of the moon goddess just might inspire your next home decorating project.

Seminario No. 8
Mexico City, 06060

34. Chapultepec Park

One of the largest parks in the world (twice the land mass of NYC's Central Park) is referred to as the city's lungs. Within it you'll find the superb National Museum of Anthropology, the zoo, and the Avenue of Poets.

Bosque de Chapultepec I
Mexico City, 11850

35. Espacio Escultórico

An amazing sculpture garden-park in the middle of a university campus. The center of the park is a volcanic rock ring with black lava soil surrounded by 64 massive concrete wedges. It is a great place to escape from the buzz of the very busy city. 

Circuito Mtro. Mario de la Cueva S/N, Ciudad Universitaria
Mexico City, 04510

36. Kurimanzutto Art Gallery

The leading and hottest contemporary art gallery in Mexico, and the home gallery of influential artist Gabriel Orozco. 

Gob. Rafael Rebollar 94
Mexico City, 11850

37. Casa Luis Barragan

Do not miss the chance to tour the home of Luis Barragan, the godfather of Mexican architecture. The space has been preserved as he left it, in all its dramatically colorful and monastic mid-century glory. Small tours are given by appointment only.

Read more on Fathom: The Home of Luis Barragan, Architectural Minimalist, Color Maximalist

General Francisco Ramírez 12-14
Mexico City, 11840

38. Conchita

The best of Baja, California, in the city. Go for yummy aguachiles (shrimp ceviche) or the succulent roast pig lechón. Head upstairs to newish Departamento to dance off dinner.

Alvaro Obregón 154
Mexico City, 06700

39. Guzina Oaxaca

Oaxacan chef Alejandro Ruiz brings the region's rich moles and stewed meats to the D.F. Try the caldo de piedra shrimp soup cooked over hot river rocks, or the crispy chapulines (grasshoppers, yes, really) tostada.

Presidente Masaryk 513
Mexico City, 11560

40. Lardo

Go for breakfast: fresh juice and pastries and croque monsieurs with hoja santa. By night, chef Elena Reygada (best known for her Italian Rosetta restaurant and panaderias) whips up Mediterranean dishes made with the freshest ingredients and often served in shareable portions, a rarity in the city.

Agustín Melgar 6
Mexico City, 06700

41. La Docena

One of the city's newest and best raw bars. Chefs and fashion types sit shoulder to shoulder at the bar to slurp oysters and G and Ts, and at the sun-drenched tables by the floor-to-ceiling window to sample the rest of the eclectic menu, which includes plates like Peruvian ceviche, grilled seafood, oyster po-boys, and sweet potato fries.

Álvaro Obregón 31
Mexico City, 06700

42. Fonda Mayora

Chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo's refined-but-accessible take on local and regional dishes continue to draw crowds to his Condesa restaurant. The tortillas, made from corn that is ground on site, are fantastic. As are the pacholas, the bone marrow soup, and the huevos encamisados. (For the curious and still hungry, see where it all started at Lugo's first spot, Nicos.)

Calle Campeche 322
Mexico City, 06100

43. MeroToro

Baja meets Mexican highlands. The team behind Contramar does intriguing small plates in Condesa.

Amsterdam 204
Mexico City, 06140

44. Nevería Roxy

For a taste of classic D.F., head to this throwback helado shop, complete with chrome bar, spinning stools, and ice creams referred to as snow and ice. Flavors include guava, tamarind, sapodilla, and cajeta (a mexican confection of caramelized milk).

Fernando Montes de Oca 809, esq. Mazatlán
Mexico City,

45. La Veracruzana – Fonda del Mariscos

After a nice stroll through a charming residential area, you'll hit upon this adorably sunny marisquería. Step inside the retro eatery for a laid-back lunch of garlicky shrimp and ceviche, then polish it off with a cold beer.

Medellín 198
Mexico City,

46. La Texcocana

This cult torteria next door to the Museo de Arte Popular has been slinging hearty sandwiches since 1936. Favorites like bacalao (cod) or carnitas (barbequed pork) are served with chili and fresh avocado.

Independencia 87A
Mexico City, 06050

47. El Cardenal

The newest location of this beloved breakfast and lunch spot is in a beautiful old house in San Angel. order escamoles and maguey worms with homemade tortillas. Bread is baked daily in-house, and the sweet breakfast rolls called conchae are to die for.

De La Paz 32‎
Mexico City, 01000

48. Corazón de Maguey

Oaxacan-style cooking meets forward-thinking design at the newish cantina from the makers of Los Danzantes, a premium mezcal people can't get enough of these days. (The drink of the moment also makes for a fine souvenir.)

Plaza Jardín Centenario 9A
Mexico City, 04000

49. Quintonil

This hidden spot is strictly for those in the know. Very good new Mexican cuisine is made with the best traditional ingredients. Try huauzontles and the perfect egg with rice.

Newton 55
Mexico City, 11560

50. Oscar Wilde 9

Hidden in plain sight, this sweet six-table cafe is where, between shopping stints, posh mujeres stop for flavorful Mediterranean lunch specials that change daily.

Oscar Wilde 9
Mexico City, 11560

51. Dulce Patria

Chef Martha Ortiz hits it out of the park at her high-energy cantina. The food is femme and festive — homemade breads are hot from the oven, sangritas are tangy and fresh, and traditional sweets are delivered tableside along with Mexican toys. It's pure culinary joy.

Anatole France 100
Mexico City, 11560

52. Azul Histórico

The newest restaurant of the Azul brand from chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita is located in the heart of downtown on the patio of a historic building. He serves special festival menus every few months from every region of Mexico. 

Isabel La Católica 30
Mexico City, 06000

53. Rosetta

This local favorite serves excellent Italian fare in a romantic restored belle epoque mansion. Can't get enough? During the day they operate a cute panaderia (bread shop and cafe) just down the block.

Colima 166
Mexico City, 06700

54. Pujol

Highly regarded chef Enrique Olvera reinvents traditional Mexican dishes with a sophisticated flare (sushi-grade ceviche, suckling pig in consomme) and a quirky flourish (for dessert: A "glass" pinata made of sugar, and filled with cocoa and candies).

Francisco Petrarca 254
Mexico City, 11570

55. Biko

Talk about making an entrance: Take an elevator up to the spacious dining room, get whisked to a table by a small army of staff, and proceed to be surprised and delighted by avant-garde Mexican-Basque cooking and whimsical plating techniques.

Presidente Masaryk 407
Mexico City, 11550

56. Fonda El Refugio

A traditional, two-story restaurant, where kindly grandpa waiters serve authentic Mexican cuisine like caldo tlalpeño (chicken soup with vegetables and avocado), romeritos con torta de camaron (dried shrimp and rosemary patties in a rich mole sauce), huachinango (red snapper), and a mountain of simple, perfect guacamole. It's too classic to be trendy, and perfect because of it.

Liverpool 166
Mexico City, 06600

57. Contramar

The lunching hot-spot is not to be missed. Go around 2 in the afternoon for the full experience. Order with abandon, double down on mini margaritas, and do not forget the tuna sashimi tostadas.

Durango 200
Mexico City, 06700

58. Hippodrome Hotel

The hotel harks back to the glamorous equestrian days of the 1920s when the nearby private racetrack drew a well-heeled crowd with luxurious taste. Sixteen rooms — some with with marble bedrooms and private terraces — are handsome and lavish, but also subdued.

México 188
Mexico City, 06500

59. La Valise

Located in the perennially hip Roma neighborhood, the 1920s townhouse (with only three suites) is always in high demand. Fun touches — the Yucatán hammock in the El Patio suite, or the hot pink hallway in the La Luna suite — keeps the vibe playful. For a splurge, choose La Terraza, where you can roll your king-sized bed out onto the terrace for an outdoor movie night. 

Tonalá 53
Mexico City, 06700

60. Hotel Carlota

The lobby-level bar, the glass-walled pool, the outdoor patio restaurant, the chic boutique; even if you don’t get to stay in one of the 36 rooms, there are plenty of reasons why you should drop by the modern hotel. If you do stay, look for art installations in every room and make sure to borrow a bike to cruise around on car-free Sundays — the excellent Chapultepec park is a quick ride away.

Rio Amazonas 73
Mexico City, 06500

61. Casa Stella

Architect Francisco Serrano (famous for several local landmarks) built the cozy Art Deco in 1930. All seven rooms are filled with thoughtfully curated vintage pieces. We adore the suite for its private terrace. Room 5 is dreamy with doors that open to the garden. 

Amsterdam 141
Mexico City, +52 55 6237 0102

62. Villa Condesa

A simple and sweet alternative to the sceney Condesa D.F. around the corner. Just a handful of rooms are tucked into a main house decorated with Victor Hugo hardcovers, potted plants, and Eames-inspired chairs.

Colima 428
Mexico City, 06700

63. The Red Tree House

An enthusiastic staff aims to please at this sweet and straightforward 17-room B&B. Rooms are tidy and the interior courtyard is strung with fairy lights. Tt almost feels like a secret, and you'll feel like a local.

Culiacan 6
Mexico City, 06100

64. Condesa DF

Chic and centrally located, the building centers around a white atrium filled with beautiful furniture and beautiful guests eating breakfast alongside D.F.'s young and powerful. After a day taking in the sites, head to the rooftop for a margarita and city views. Retire to your room for a warm bubble bath with Malin + Goetz products.

Veracruz N. 102
Mexico City, 06700

65. Camino Real Polanco

This '60s-era hotel has a retrofuturistic vibe, pre-Hispanic pyramidal references, and lots of bold colors. It is ridiculously well-located steps from Chapultepec Park, the Reforma, and the museums.

700 Mariano Escobedo, Col. Anzures
Mexico City, 11590

66. Hotel La Casona

Cozy, clean, and charming, this small hotel uses traditional trims (overstuffed chairs, musical instruments, floral fabrics) to warm things up for business travelers.

Durango No. 280
Mexico City, 06700

67. Hotel Habita

A frosted, minimalist glass box encapsulates a 1950s facade. Inside, the small hotel's atmosphere is lively and cutting edge, with 36 boutique rooms and a sleek rooftop pool and bar.

Presidente Masaryk 201
Mexico City, 11560

68. Downtown Mexico

17 elegantly modern guest rooms are tucked among manicured patios, a regal stone staircase, and grand floor-to-ceiling murals. Just a few reminders that you are residing in a former palace.

Isabel la Católica No. 30
Mexico City, 06000

69. Distrito Capital

In a district of high-rise buildings and equally high-end shopping, Grupo Habita's sleek Santa Fe hotel fits right in. Parisian designer Joseph Dirand decorated rooms in monochrome save for a pop of pop art like a vintage neon sign. Best part: floor-to-ceiling windows on upper floors mean incredible city views from the bed or deep marble bathtub.

37 Juan Salvador Agraz
Mexico City, 05300

70. Las Alcobas

It's modern, masculine, handsome, intimate, and very much in step with its posh neighborhood surroundings. The staff is well-dressed and meticulous, the mini bar is stocked with complimentary Mexican snacks, and the spa menu includes healing rituals and indigenous treatments.

Presidente Masaryk 390
Mexico City, 11560

71. Fábrica Social

Pick up a special souvenir while giving back. Hand-embroidered dresses, blouses, and bags in bright colors have price tags that include information on the local indigenous artisans and the time it took them to make their products.

Córdoba 67
Mexico City, 06600

72. Librería Rosario Castellanos

Inside the stunning Centro Cultural Bella Época is a futuristic bookstore with an impressive range of local works. Worth a stop just for the interiors, which include a reading area with skylight that's perfect for an afternoon siesta.

Tamaulipas 202
Mexico City, 06170

73. Mercado de Artesanias de la Ciudadela

A dizzying selection of covetable crafts (hand-embroidered linens, leather sandals, embellished mirrors) at reasonable prices.

Balderas and Plaza de La Ciudadela No. 1&5

Mexico City, 06040

74. Tout Chocolat

Need a souvenir to take home to your pals? Mexican chocolates are made modern and packaged beautifully at this corner shop.

Amsterdam 154
Mexico City, 06100

75. Goodbye Folk

Vintage clothes and glasses and bright oxford shoes; in back, it's a barbershop.

Colima 198
Mexico City, 06700

76. Mercado Álvaro Obregón

Open Saturdays. Stalls of traditional crafts, milagros (folk charms), sombreros, and serapes.

Álvaro Obregón
Mexico City,

77. Bazaar del Sábado

Spend a whole Saturday strolling the colorful craft market, the upscale and artisanal versions of the crafts you'll find elsewhere in the city. Weave through booths selling hand-thrown ceramic plate ware, painted porcelain skulls, paper flowers, and embroidered blouses. Stop to snack on fresh empanadas and listen to mariachis.

Plaza San Jacinto No. 11
Mexico City, 01000

78. San Juan Market

There are tons of markets all over the city, but it's here that you'll find the neighborhood's best local produce: mango manila, mamey, Chico Zapote, cherries, and vegetables, plus cheese, cured meats, and exotic foods like escamoles and grasshoppers.

Ernesto Pugibet 21
Mexico City, 06000

79. Dulcería de Celaya

The sweets shop, dating back to 1874, has kept its art nouveau style — ornate ceiling fixtures and ornamental walls — intact. Delicate glass casings display bon bons, biscuits, and Mexican wedding cookies.

Cinco de Mayo 39
Mexico City, 06000

80. Delirio

Pick up local and organic cooking supplies at this slow-food shop and cafe: Jars of deep-red chipotle chili paste, discs of Mexican chocolate, and local honey.

Monterrey 116B, esq. Álvaro Obregón
Mexico City, 06700

81. Chic By Accident

The mod furniture showroom is filled with the stuff set designers dream of. Don't look for a sign on the door; just buzz, and they'll let you in.

Lago Texcoco 112
Mexico City, 11320

82. Punto i Coma

Made-in-Mexico clothes, baby items, and homewares are designed and curated for 21st century tastes. A new gourmet shop-within-the-shop serves breakfast, lunch, and coffee.

Monte Himalaya 815
Mexico City, 11000

83. Common People

At the high-end shop (compared to Colette in Paris) in a belle epoque mansion, everything — designer clothes, jewelry, accessories, and art — is merchandised to the hilt. 

Emilio Castelar 149
Mexico City, 11560

84. Galeria Daniel Liebsohn

Daniel has a great eye for antiques, and his gallery is filled with amazing and well restored Mexican relics.

Londres 161-49 Plaza del Ángel
Mexico City, 06600